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IV Therapy For You

CityIV offers IV Drip Therapy for a broad range of conditions. Whether you want to fight depression, everyday fatigue, enhance your post-workout recovery, boost nutrition and immunity, or simply get rid of a nagging hangover - our quick and effective IV drips and ketamine treatments can help make a difference.


Hangover Recovery

Perfect for hangovers, headaches, fatigue and upset stomach.
Our Hangover Recovery helps restore the fluid levels necessary for your body to optimally clear the irritating byproducts of alcohol, while providing acute symptom relief.
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Maximum Hydration

Perfect for busy professionals and active lifestyles.
Our Maximum Hydration drip helps replenish the water and electrolytes lost from normal daily activities, helping your body maintain homeostasis.
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Detox & Wellness (Banana Bag)

Perfect for refreshing your body and preventing illness.
Our Detox & Wellness IV drip is designed to refresh your body and boost your immune system. Whether you're trying to prevent travel-related illness, get past a week of unhealthy eating, or just promote mental clarity - this 35 minute drip will go a long way.
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Cold & Flu

Perfect for colds, flus, and related symptoms.
Cold & Flu IV drip is designed to boost your immune system and help you overcome illness. Fight cold and flu-like symptoms with this IV drip and speed up your recovery.
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Fight depression and chronic pain to improve your quality of life
Ketamine is useful for the management of depression, OCD, PTSD and certain pain disorders, particularly when traditional treatments are not helpful. Studies have shown approximately 70% of people respond to ketamine treatments. Contact us today to determine if you are a good candidate for Ketamine Infusions.
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Enhanced Fitness & Recovery

Perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
Our Muscle Fever drip helps replenish the fluids and electrolytes lost during exercise and provides an anti-inflammatory medication to combat inflammation, relieve pain, and speed recovery.
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Weight Loss

Perfect for shedding pounds to reach your weight loss goals.
Our Weight Loss drip hydrates your body, restores it to its natural levels and enhances your nutrient intake to increase your metabolism and burn fat.
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Anti-Aging & Beauty

Perfect for turning back the clock and looking younger.
Our “anti-aging” drip helps slow the aging process with high dose Glutathione, which delivers healthier skin, antioxidants and immune-health.
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Food Poisoning

Perfect for upset stomach, heart burn and dehydration.
Our Food Poisoning IV drip will provide acute symptom relief and supplement your fluid intake, which is crucial for helping your body fight off food poisoning effects.
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Meet Dr. Jason D. Hanks

IV Therapy Administered by Highly-Trained Medical Staff

Dr. Hanks is the founder and medical director of CityIV Infusion Medicine. He is a board certified and fellowship trained Anesthesiologist with over 8 years of experience. His post graduate residency training was performed at Mount Sinai School of Medicine affiliate hospitals (Morristown Memorial Hospital) and RUSH University Medical Center in Chicago. His fellowship training was performed at the renowned University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), offering world-class training in Regional Anesthesia and Perioperative Pain Management.

IV Therapy Options

Hangover Recovery IV Drip $199

Maximum Hydration IV Drip $150

Detox & Wellness IV Drip $225

Food Poisoning IV Drip $279

Fitness & Recovery IV Drip $210

Cold & Flu IV Drip $275

Anti-Aging & Beauty IV Drip $375

Post-Op IV Drip $195

Hear What Patients Have To Say About CityIV

  • Larry-o
    I came to CityIV because I heard IV drips can help with jet lag. As an enterprise sales rep, I travel a lot to see clients, many times across multiple time zones, so jet lag can really be a factor. After my first visit I was shocked at how refreshed and balanced I felt - my jet lag became a non-factor and I was able to bounce right back to my normal day-to-day. IV therapy will be part of my travel routine going forward.
    Larry O
    New York, New York
  • iv-therapy-for-cyclists
    As an avid cyclist I like to be on top of my game at all times. In the past, that wasn't always easy when going on 30+ mile rides on back-to-back days but with CityIV's Fitness recovery, I feel like I can get extra miles in every week due to faster recovery.
    James S
    North Shore, Long Island
  • city-iv-hydration-therapy
    After a long and grueling week of work, I was feeling completely rundown and tired but had to attend a wedding (for which I was part of the bridal party) early Saturday morning. I knew a few cups of coffee wouldn't do the job, so I decided to give CityIV and IV therapy a shot. My IV therapy session took about 30 minutes and I came away from it feeling completely refreshed and ready to take on the wedding! Thank you Dr. Hanks!
    Nicole T
    Long Island, New York
  • cityiv-review
    I visited CityIV with a group of friends during a bachelor party and it was one of the best decisions we made. We visited the Manhattan location, which was easy to find and not far from the brunch restaurant we planned to head to afterwards. The Detox therapy took about 20 minutes and we all felt completely rejuvenated afterwards. Will absolutely come again.
    Ted K
    New York, New York
June 20, 2019

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